Get the most out of your Wallet

SwipeCard links all of your credit and debit cards onto one “holding” card.


You can rely on Swipe’s proprietary algorithm to automatically select the best card to use based on reward maximization. Or, you can manually select a card to use based on personal preferences. 

What makes us Unique?

1) Swipe provides you an enjoyable, hassle-free shopping experience, by helping you choose the right card to use for your purchases so that you optimize your benefits in terms of cash back, miles, or points.

2) You don't have to provide any credit card numbers or secure information to use our product.

3) MySwipe: Our easy-to-use mobile app allows you to make the best decisions on the go regardless of where you are.  You can even use our product right before you check out!

4) Up to date information equips shoppers with the ability to make the best decisions in a totally transparent manner.

5) Test Drive other cards to see which one would be best for you before you sign up for them.